Happy New Year! ^^


I've been busy+lazy the past weeks but I'll definitely catch up with the pages! I ain't letting Dry Tears die...

Going, Going...

...and hopefully there'll be no gone.

I fixed the archives page for those who use it and updated the cast page with information on the characters that have appeared so far.

It seems the comic itself is coming along nicely. I tend to slack at places, but at least I can keep up with the schedule. I might have to change the time of updating from 6:00pm GMT to later though, since it seems that no one sees it then.

Also, I could shade my comic but it's kind of troublesome with this old monitor. I'll see what I can do.

And so...

...Dry Tears is launching off the ground. I'm too lazy to sit and script unimaginable ammounts because I need characters for that. And characters need designs... So, I'm scripting then sketching. And once the next week comes by, I finish a page.

Hopefully, it works out. It doesn't take me much to get inspired for this story. Cuz I love it o3o

Oh, and I'll be updating on Sundays.

...Aaaaaaand since we're moving and my brother will be moving out, I won't have net acces for a while. Or even computer acces... ;-;

Coming Soon

...and when soon is, is up to each individual XD

No, really. I'm just setting things up. I'll probably post a cover, a few pages and... NEVER UPDATE AGAIN! *manical laughter*

Anyway, no, this story I'm more fond off than my other one so it should progress better. Well, there's school... But w/e. Once I make pages, I'll set 'em to auto-update. I hope I can get a lot done...

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