The author is zetina, as in, me. DT is 100% my brainchild xD; I was born at the 1993rd and am a Taurus. I love drawing, writing, RPing, sim games and reading manga as well as other comics.

I'm sort of lazy and impatient so I'm hoping that maintaining a comic will cure that.

Did I mention I love the Final Fantasy series and Okami? Ammy ftw! 8DDDDDDD

*cough* My dA

About Dry Tears

Dry Tears (DT) is set in the what-if future where humans have been ignorant and have let the planet rot in pollution. In an attempt to counter global warming, they construct a machine that should allow them to control the weather. As people gather awaiting rain, the plan malfunctions and the machine's explosion causes the whole planet to be enveloped by thick clouds.

The humans have since been trying their best to survive with the scarce food and water. Having sick little minds, they turn to animals, whose population is dropping rapidly as well. They capture as many they can at various places and commence experimenting. Not only animals, plants that could survive in the environment are grown as well. Machines to filter the acid rain and produce drinkable water are set up.

Nevertheless, the planet is still suffering. After nearly 300 years since the malfunction, it's not like it used to be. Every single animal and plant is a hybrid - even insects. They can no longer be detailedly classified. The humans couldn't care less.

They continue to pollute and produce animal servants and guards for themselves; looking for ways they wouldn't need gas-masks to breathe. Some have given up and are looking for the best way to live all for themselves without concern for the future instead.

This story isn't about the humans though. It's about a canine named Tender and his life and determination to one day see The Sun. He'd only heard tales of it from his mother and he just wants to see it before he looses his sight completely...


DT's roots were planted a long time ago. The whole concept was completely different though and it was just a dream I liked to entertain myself with before falling asleep.

Later, I doodled a dog and slapped colors on it. After deciding that it looked pretty good, I drew a proper picture of him and named him "Tender". I picked the name when I was looking for stories with last survivors since Ten is one of his litter. The main character of one story had the very name.

After that, I didn't know what to do with this character and at first wanted to introduce him in a different story (Highest Authority). But eventually, as he pranced around my dream world, a story revolving around him was born.

He was going to have the ability to see the future occasionally in his dreams, but since the explanation for that included a virtual reality, I dropped it. Saying that part of his experiences with his friends was fake was too heartbreaking for me.

Gekko was also going to have a different role - the role of a spy. Pitch's concept has remained the same though.

I don't have anything scripted very far at all. I just... go. I usually think of stuff while zoning out. Tender&co have gone through many things that way...


Fonts from Blambot.

My art has been influenced by Yoshihiro Takahshi, the creator of Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin.
I learned a lot about action scenes while reading the manga Dragonball by Toriyama.

Insert pritty illustration hur :'3