The Cast

Here are all the characters that have or will appear soon in the comic. Here's the info and to the right are refs.

Classification: canidae
Body: that'd be a spoiler ;3
He's a kind and gentle canid. He doesn't know much of the world so is quite naive. He keeps to himself and doesn't ask of anything.

Classification: feline
Body: cheetah, jaguar, horse, kangaroo...
He prefers greatly to be called Specks because his full name was given to him by demons (humans). He's a cheerful and competitive fellow and maybe a bit of a whiner.

Pitch Black
Classification: canidae
Body: unknown (read - spoiler)
Pitch is very intelligent but his temper often makes him act irrationally. He's mostly cold and serious, as if wanting to reach something. Possesses a great hate towards demons.

Classification: reptile
Body: lizzard, geckon, spider, poison...
He's childish and very friendly. He's also very smart but his wisdom comes from age and, unlike Pitch, he can keep a cool head. Is also a scaredy-cat.

Classification: hooved
Body: goat, cow, bull, muscus ox...
He's stubborn and brash and an egoist. He believes that everyone must only think for themselves. He's somewhat similar to Specks but serious.



He's black. lmao, does he really need a pic? xD